aaah I did this but I have a few questions/concerns about the picture? aaa
in order to make her able to stand up on two legs, you'd have to change the way her hips were set 
but once you made her bipedal, it'd be weird to have her stand on all fours
unless you made her stand more like this… I mean, ultimately that can be overlooked because it art and all, but it had me pretty confused :'D
the redlines on the right are more how i draw things, but like it says that was something i started before i asked you how you wanted them :'D
I mostly just change the way the legs were set, cause the thighs looked a little too angled. and try to think of paws as one object; if you draw the toes individually without considering their attachment to the foot and the other paws, it makes them look disconnected, but thats a matter of just practice c:
Your head was a good start ! but big cats have big cheek bones and somewhat "slanted" foreheads. 

Over all, you just need to study some big cat anatomy c: it helps to look at pictures when you draw, it will help you improve much more quickly than trying to do it from memory/on your own vuv 

I hope this was helpful oop ;u;

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